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80s Proof


Take a trip back to California's Sunset Strip as we rock out and authentically re-create all the sights and sounds of the 80's Hairband scene in all it's debauchery and glory. Squeeze into your best acid-washed jeans and dust off that old studded leather jacket... If you're looking to rock with THE premier 80's Hairmetal Tribute Band touring the midwestern United States today, then you've reading about the right band! We won't just take any party to the next level... We ARE the party!!!


  • SCOTTY VON BLAZIN - Lead Vocals, Guitars & Acoustic Guitar
  • PHILL SLATE - Drums & Vocals
  • SCOTT BON SCOTT - Lead Guitars & Vocals
  • MARK SLAUGHTERED - Bass & Vocals

Genre: 80's Haiband

Who could forget the hard rock bands from the 80's through the early 90's with that big hair? The hair style alone made a stand out fashion statement. The music and egos were big, flashy, and glamorous just like the aquanet teased hair of the band members. Their late night parties were infamous... Some were the stuff that legends are made of, and you could always read about a band member creating some scandal in a local rag or tabloid magazine.

Hairbands not only made great music that has stood the test of time, they ushered in a cultural movement by introducing a new way of life for over a decade. They partied as if tomorrow would never come and dressed to the nines with big teased hair, makeup, and over accessorizing. You know you remember it, you know you love it... And you know you need it!

We're here to give it to you in all it's decadent glory!

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